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Shoal Creek Preschool

Shoal Creek Preschool

Shoal Creek Elementary
1775 Shoal Creek Drive
San Diego, CA 92128

Teacher: Julie Nguyen (858) 385-1633


Parent and Non-Parent Participation Preschool

Fees are reduced for parents who participate in their child’s class. Parents schedule days to participate each month. Twice per month for 3-year-old class, 3 times per month for 4-year-old class.  They complete PUSD’s Volunteer Application, submit TB skin testing results, agree to a Megan’s Law Background Check, and sign the Volunteer Code of Conduct.

Non-participating parents pay higher fees each month than parents participating in the classes. They are not required to participate on a regular basis in their child’s class. Parents are always encouraged to volunteer in class, to attend special events at class/school, field trips, and/or prepare art projects. When parents are able to volunteer in the classroom or with preparation work, they make arrangements with the teacher.
Days Times  Students Teacher Parent
Non-Parent Participation
T-TH 8:30am-11:30am Three-year-olds Julie Nguyen $260 $330
M-W-F 8:30am-11:30am Four-year-olds Julie Nguyen $360 $480